This "Breaking Bad"–Themed Coffee Shop Promises To Give You A Buzz

    Tread lightly.

    A coffee shop in Istanbul is getting some attention online for what some would call an addictive theme.

    If you didn't guess from the yellow suits, Walter's Coffee Shop is very dedicated to its Breaking Bad theme.

    And they promise to give you a caffeine "overdose."

    They also incorporate other elements from the show, like some "blue meth" cupcakes.

    We think Walt Jr. would approve of this breakfast.

    Especially these pancakes.

    You can also get a "Let's COOKie," bitch!

    Or a latte in a beaker.

    The coffee shop opened in March after a Kickstarter campaign, and was formerly called "Heisenberg Coffee and Roasting."

    One of the founders of the shop, Deniz Kosan, told BuzzFeed News that the idea for the theme started as a joke between him and his cousin.

    The Germany native said he had originally planned to open the shop in Brooklyn, but when the investor backed out he decided to open the shop in Turkey instead.

    He added that the shop is careful not to use copyrighted material, and it's just inspired by the AMC show.

    The response has been great so far, he said, and they have plans to expand in Turkey and, next year, hopefully in Europe and the U.S.

    We're sure Walter White would approve.