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    This Guy Quit His Job And Now Travels The World With Only 2 Suitcases

    "There's no reason to keep walking the path you're on if it's not giving you the chance to see the places and experience the cultures you want to engage with."

    Colin Wright used to work in Los Angeles running a branding studio. But six years ago, he gave up his life and job to travel the world like a nomad.

    He explained to BuzzFeed News that he realized he was working really hard, but not getting what he wanted: To travel the world.

    So, he decided to live his dream. He started a blog called Exile Lifestyle, and asked his readers to vote on where he should live. They picked Argentina, so he spent four months in the South American country before moving again.

    In the years since, he has been to 30 to 40 different countries, but has only lived for four months in less than half of them. His blog readers vote on where he should live next, though he said he takes other trips in between.

    He only brings two bags with him to carry clothes and equipment he needs for work. "Anything else I need I can buy when I arrive in a new place and resell or give away when I leave," he said.

    Depending on where Wright is living, he has lived on less than $500 a month.

    When Wright arrives in a new place, he tries to live where the locals are.

    Though he obviously loves to travel, Wright said he "absolutely" gets lonely at times. But he said that's not a bad thing necessarily.

    Wright advised those who have the travel bug to figure out what they want. He said he understands not everyone wants to do what he is doing, but everyone should give themselves the opportunity to do what is right for them.