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After A Couple Lost Their Three Kids In A Fire, Strangers Gave Them A Priceless Gift

Kenyon, Broderick and Braylon Harris died along with their grandmother in a tragic house fire on the day after Christmas.

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The students at the University of Delaware were able to restore hundreds of photos of the family of Ricky and Traci Harris after the images were damaged in the blaze that killed Kenyon, 14, Broderick, 11, and Braylon, 9.

The boys and their grandmother, Terry Harris, died on Dec. 26 after her home caught fire, the Columbus Dispatch reported.

The boys had asked to stay the night because they didn't want their grandmother to be alone on Christmas.

News of the tragedy soon traveled to Michael Emmons, a family friend who is studying preservation studies at the University of Delaware.

Emmons heard that friends of the family had removed family photos from Terry Harris' home, and were trying to save them because they were damaged and wet, the school said in a blog post.

Emmons emailed Debra Hess Norris, the chairwoman of the school's art conservation department, and asked if her students may be able to restore some of the photos.


"It was a labor of deep commitment and an opportunity for us to reach out and help the Harris family in some small way," Norris told BuzzFeed News.

Norris made the project a part of one of her courses, and her students and other faculty worked evenings and weekends in order to restore each photo.

Ricky Harris said he was shocked and grateful that the team would take the time to save his family memories.

“You tell them that me and my family, my whole family, we love them all. There’s no words to say how appreciative we are,” he said, according to the university.

The team recently delivered the restored memories to the Harris family, Fox 28 reported.

"I know there is nothing that can replace holding your family member and seeing them again,” Emmons told Fox 28. “To be able to at least have photographs and to be able to see the photographs and remember through pictures I think is pretty powerful.”

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