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Starbucks Is Selling A $50 Gift Card That Costs $200

Would you buy it?

So it's almost Mother's Day and you can't think of a creative gift. Time for old faithful: the Starbucks gift card.

Well you're in luck, because Starbucks has just come out with a "limited-edition" card just for Mother's Day.

Only 1,500 of the cards are being sold, Starbucks says on its website.

"The card, each hand-assembled, features a gorgeous artisan rose base metal with rose colored coating, laser-etched with traditional Starbucks lettering," the site says.

Oh, one thing you should know: You'll spend $200 on the card, but mom will only get $50 in store credit.

Huh? To get to the bottom of this, BuzzFeed News asked Starbucks to explain their reasoning.

A Starbucks spokesperson said the card is a "limited-edition" card that is hand-made by designers.

"This gift is made with premium materials including the stainless steel card, a satin ceramic finish, and laser-etched floral details," she said.

This actually isn't the first time Starbucks has offered a "limited-edition" card. Last Christmas, the company also sold a card that cost $200 and had $50 preloaded on it.

The spokeswoman wouldn't say how many of the cards have been sold, but said Starbucks has "been pleased with customer response."