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The Purple-Dyed Kitten That Was Allegedly Used As A Chew Toy Has Found A Home

"Smurf" has found a new home with a veterinarian who treated him.

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A kitten in Northern California named Smurf has made a full recovery after being dyed purple and allegedly being used as a chew toy for a dog or another animal.

He was taken to the San Jose Animal Care Center, which gave him to the Nine Lives Foundation for care. The rescue group named him Smurf because of his blue-purple color.

"I've seen a lot of animals used as bait for other animals; it looks to me like he was used as a chew toy," the foundation's founder, Dr. Monica Rudiger, told the San Jose Mercury News. "He obviously wasn't killed by the dog or whatever animal it was, but he was pretty badly injured."

Rudiger, who is a veterinarian, said she believes Smurf was dipped in fabric dye.


The foundation cleaned Smurf up and treated his wounds. While he was recovering, he made friends with a blind cat at the shelter, Wanda.

Smurf and Wanda / Via Facebook: smurfandwanda

A veterinarian who treated Smurf on his road to recovery ended up adopting Smurf and Wanda to keep the duo together, according to NBC Bay Area. / Via Facebook: smurfandwanda

The two now share a happy home together where they often cuddle and play together.

Smurf and Wanda's owners have been capturing their happy lives on Facebook and Instagram.

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