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Two Skydivers Were Injured After Colliding Mid-Air

One of the skydivers hit the other one in the head with his knee, according to police.

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The skydivers were jumping with Skydive Long Island when the collision occurred, the Riverhead Police Department told BuzzFeed News.

One of the jumpers, 29-year-old Kevin Arcamona, hit the other, 46-year-old Patricia Baronowski, in the head with his knee.

Baronowski was knocked unconscious and landed in a tree after her parachute deployed automatically, the Riverhead Patch reported.

She was rescued, and both of the jumpers were transported to a local hospital.

Baronowski is being treated for a head injury, which Arcamona is being treated for a leg injury, police said.

Neither injury was life-threatening.

Skydive Long Island did not respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News, but this is not the first time the company has seen an accident occur during a jump.

Last year, a 26-year-old corrections officer was killed and his instructor was injured when they were caught in a "mini-tornado" during a jump.

Gary Messina and his instructor Christopher Scott became unable to control their parachute during the jump due to the high winds, NBC New York reported.

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