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A Couple Surprised Their Daughters With Their New Adopted Brother Under The Christmas Tree

"I'm gonna wet my pants."

A mom and dad surprised their three daughters with the news that they had adopted a baby boy by hiding him under the Christmas tree — and the girls' reaction was completely adorable.

Courtney Solstad wrote on Facebook that the family of five welcomed little Nathan into their family last week through adoption.

She wrote that their three girls had been excited at the prospect of adopting a baby, and her daughter Chloe even wrote it down as a Christmas wish this year.

"Chloe's Christmas wish came true," she wrote.

Instead of telling the girls right away, the Solstads decided to surprise their girls by placing their new brother under the Christmas tree. They then filmed their reactions.

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"The girls knew nothing about Nathan until this," she wrote. "We met them at the door and told them that we had been out Christmas shopping and got them a gift to share... and it was under the tree."

The family later made the Facebook video private.

Their reaction was totally amazing.

One of the girls lost it, and started crying with happiness.

"I'm going to wet my pants!" another can be heard saying.

After this sister literally jumped for joy, the look of joy on her face was overwhelming.

The video soon spread through Facebook, with many commenters wishing the family a happy holiday with their new addition.

Solstad wrote that welcoming Nathan into their family has been "one of the most magical experiences in our lives."

"We prayed big things and God answered in big ways," she wrote. "Our little guy is so incredibly perfect."