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A Sheriff's Deputy Filmed Himself Suffering In A Hot Car To Raise Awareness About Heat Stroke

Deputy Robin Regan's heart rate rose drastically and he began to suffer from heat stroke after less than 30 minutes. He said the effects would be even worse for a child or a pet.

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The Forsyth County Sheriff's Office posted the six-minute video of Deputy Robin Regan on its Facebook page last week, and it has since been viewed over 3 million times.

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Regan told BuzzFeed News that they had the idea to make the video after multiple hot car deaths in their county this year. "We wanted to do something that was very visual so that people would really, really get the point," he said.


The deputy's heart rate had climbed to 151 BPM, and he later realized he had entered the early stages of heatstroke. “I got a little disoriented, I got a little sluggish for the rest of the day, and I felt physically ill," he said.

The department wants to make it clear that it is dangerous for children and pets to be left in a hot car for even just a few minutes. Regan said the effects he felt would likely be even worse for a child, because they can't regulate their body as well.

The response to the video has been very exciting for the deputies, Regan said.

"We're just extremely glad that we could raise so much awareness, and our hope is that we could prevent just one of these cases from happening," he said.