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A Mama Rabbit Went Totally Insane On A Snake That Attacked Her Baby Bunnies

Go, Mom, go!

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You should never mess with a mom and her babies, even if you're a snake and the mom is a rabbit.

A YouTube user named Ramakanth p uploaded a video on Thursday depicting a mother rabbit fighting a snake that appears to have injured or killed two of her babies. The video got over 2 million views in four days.

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The snake is guarding the baby bunnies in a nest...

When all of the sudden, Mama Bunny attacks!

She then goes totally bananas on him.

"Go, bunny!" shout the kids in the background.

The snake keeps trying to escape, but Mama Rabbit won't quit, even after she gets thrown sideways by the snake.

Mama Rabbit then delivers a final punch...

And the snake runs away.

The user who uploaded the video didn't identify where they lived, but some speculated the snake is a black rat snake, a species which is found all over the U.S.

Never doubt a mother's love....