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This Kid Had The Best Reaction To Realizing He Could Pass For Prince George

"This guy."

An adorable little boy had the best reaction ever after he realized he could totally pass for Prince George.

TheGGongShow / Via

Reddit user TheGGongShow posted the photo of the delighted toddler and said it was of his godson.

"My godson think he's the Royal Prince," he wrote.

The photo got a ton of attention on Facebook after being posted by Unilad, getting more than a million likes.

Of course, now people are debating how much the boy actually looks like the British royal prince. But his reaction can actually apply to many different life situations:

"When your friend does something embarrassing."

TheGGongShow / Via

"When your ex starts dating a total loser."

TheGGongShow / Via

"When your friend posts a great picture of you on Facebook."

TheGGongShow / Via

"When you realize you could be a professional doppelgänger."

TheGGongShow / Via

And anytime you want to say, "This guy."

TheGGongShow / Via

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the Reddit user for more information on his godson.

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