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This Teen Blew Everyone Out Of The Water With Her Insane Prom Entrance

If you didn't have Beyoncé-inspired backup dancers to announce you at prom, what even were you doing?

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The teen hired Floyd Wimberly, a professional dancer, to hype her crowd before she revealed her prom look. He posted a video of his performance to "Formation" on Facebook, and it has since been viewed over 3 million times.

Facebook: video.php

People on social media freaked out over the entrance.

Forever regretting not making this big of an entrance for prom

"I've never seen a dance performance entrance for prom. But they be killing it! 😭😭😭😭," one person wrote.

I've never seen a dance performance entrance for prom. But they be killing it! 😭😭😭😭

But some people thought the entrance was super extra.

this is quite possibly the most EXTRA prom entrance ive ever seen, actually just the most extra thing in general

Other people said her date got totally shown up.

that girl that had her prom date wait outside while she put on an entrance show is the definition of a force

Wimberly has actually done these entrances for other proms as well, including this dance to "Diva."

Facebook: video.php

Azja told BuzzFeed News she was inspired to do her own entrance after seeing Wimberly's previous dances.

You know you that chick when you cause all this conversation ⚡️ #Prom2K16 Finally got my pictures

"I wanted something to entertain my guests while they were waiting on me to come out," she said. "Also, I loved the song and I felt like it was a moment when I slayed...I feel like it was my day to shine."

Azja said some of the comments on her video have been hurtful, but she "loved" her performance and has been trying to ignore the haters.

"I been looking past it for the simple fact [that] I felt like I slayed," she said.

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