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A Couple Who Have Been In Love Since The Fifth Grade Had The Most Amazing Proposal

"I’ve dreamed about this moment since we were little kids."

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Maccarone enlisted his musician cousin Matty Mac and his filmmaker friend Domenick Cucinotta to create a music video for his proposal so he and his wife-to-be could have a memory of the day to last forever.

Matty Mac

Since Mac didn't have a song for the occasion, he decided to write them a whole new one.

"I wanted to try and traverse the different stages of a relationship from start to finish," he told BuzzFeed News.


In May, Mac posted the finished music video with the song he wrote for the couple onto YouTube. It got picked up by local news sites, and now has over a million views.

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The response has been unbelievable, Burzichelli said. She said she knew the video was special, but she never thought so many people would see it.