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People Are Freaked Out By These Dystopian Photos Of Closed Department Stores

"If you told me abandoned JCPenneys were the remnants of some failed military dictatorship I'd believe you."

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The rise in online shopping has not been good to big department stores, and it's only getting worse.

Kena Betancur / AFP / Getty Images

So far this year, JCPenney has said it's closing 138 stores, Macy’s is closing 68 stores, and Sears Corp. is closing 108 Kmarts and 42 Sears stores, AP reported.


People loved his tweet and soon started sharing their own weird, abandoned department store pics.

@davidhuber_ did a series on a bunch of these.


Womp womp.

.@davidhuber_ My favorite abandoned mall anchor is/was this gem in Ontario OH

One guy even compared one of the photos to Mao's tomb in China.

@davidhuber_ @Emily30Red Mao's Tomb...JC Penney's...

Others compared it to North Korea.

@davidhuber_ @RandyEBarnett Failed military dictatorship?? Looks like present-day North Korea.

Someone else photoshopped a creepy Big Brother face on one of the buildings.

RIP malls. We will miss you.

@davidhuber_ @R_Kasahara the abandoned halls of the once great Rhythm Nation.

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