People Are Losing It After Jeb Bush Tweeted Out His Personalized Gun


1. On Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush tweeted out a picture of a gun with his name etched on it. He captioned the photo “America.”

The former Florida governor posted the photo after conducting a business tour and town hall at FN Manufacturing, a firearms plant in South Carolina.

3. People on Twitter had a field day with the photo.

4. Some people were super angry, pointing out that guns like Bush’s have assassinated presidents.

5. But many people had jokes.

6. “Why I just picture Jeb robbing people for their votes at gun point?”

Why I just picture Jeb robbing people for their votes at gun point?

— Victor Pope Jr (@VictorPopeJr)

7. Some made fun of Jeb’s asking an audience to “please clap.”

— Chris Ziegler (@zpower)

8. And some mocked him with Vines.

oh ffs, who gave this guy a gun?

— Jennie Dair Berney (@MrsBerney)

9. Other people pointed out that having your name on your gun may not be the best idea.

Officer: Governor is this your gun found at the scene outside Little Caesars? Jeb!: You can't prove a thing copper.

— Actual Human Scott (@bombsfall)

10. And some people accused him of a publicity stunt.

Jeb is literally dying for attention at this point. Clearly a stunt get attention from the media. Next up: sex tape?

— Aviral Chandel (@AviralChandel)

11. The tweet also sparked a whole new meme, as people started tweeting out photos they thought better represented “America.”


— daveweigel (@daveweigel)

12. And while some people were more serious…


— Patrick Blanchfield (@PatBlanchfield)

13. Others continued to make jokes.


— ben™ (@benicus_rex)

14. The Brits got involved too.

@JebBush England

— Liam Saunders (@Liam_Saunders_)

15. Because surely nothing’s more British than a lovely cup of tea.

. @JebBush Britain.

— Jamie McKelvie (@McKelvie)

16. But jokes mainly came from Americans.

i think this is america, too

— Chip Cheezum (@ChipCheezum)

17. America AF.

i dont know why we're doing this but America

— Holly Green (@winnersusedrugs)

18. True patriotism.


— Mariya Alexander (@MariyaAlexander)

19. Is this the America he meant?


— Toby Herman (@tobyherman27)

20. BTW, the gun plant in South Carolina is a part of a U.S. subsidiary of a Belgian arms company, so some people pointed out that the gun wasn’t that “American” after all.

Bush's gun appears to be an FN Five-seven, manufactured by Fabrique Nationale d’Armes. A Belgian company.

— Scott Bixby (@scottbix)

BuzzFeed News has contacted the Bush campaign for comment.

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