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    This One-Legged Guy's Halloween Costumes Will Crack You Up

    IHOP...get it?

    Josh Sundquist is an author, motivational speaker, athlete, and newlywed. He also happens to have one leg.

    Sundquist lost his leg after battling bone cancer at the age of 9. He told BuzzFeed News he used to be shy about his amputation when he was younger, but his views have changed.

    In 2010, he decided it would be funny to do a Halloween costume that highlighted the fact that he has only one leg. He chose to go as the gingerbread man from Shrek.

    Josh Sundquist

    He decided to do a funny costume again in 2012, going as the lamp from A Christmas Story. This time, a friend of a friend shared the photo on Reddit, and it went viral.

    Josh Sundquist

    “It was obvious that people got a kick out of this on the internet," Sundquist said.

    After that huge response, Sundquist decided to do a funny costume every year. He has since dressed up as a flamingo and a foosball player.

    Josh Sundquist

    But he may have outdone himself this year with his costume...he is going as IHOP.

    Get it, I...HOP?

    When life gives you lemons, make Halloween costumes.

    Sundquist said he hopes his costume provides people with some laughs, and the realization that it's OK to be different.

    The best part? Sundquist's new wife is joining in on his costume for the first time. Sundquist said she is planning on dressing up as a stack of pancakes.

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