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This Beluga Whale Totally Stole The Show From Connecticut's Governor During A Press Conference


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Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy was trying to do a press conference at the Mystic Aquarium on Wednesday when he got interrupted by the cutest photobomber ever.

Juno the beluga whale clearly saw the cameras, and couldn't resist taking some time in the spotlight.



OK, peace out.

Malloy was at the aquarium to discuss tourism growth in Connecticut in 2015. He didn't seem to mind being upstaged, though.

@mysticaquarium Thanks for hosting us today for our tourism announcement. Give #Juno our regards!

Juno is 13 years old and "is usually the (whale) watching the people at the underwater viewing area," according to the aquarium's website.

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This isn't the first time Juno has achieved online stardom. He made headlines in 2011 after a video of him dancing to a Mariachi band went viral.

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Watch the video of the press conference peekaboo here:

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