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    Jan 11, 2015

    Hungry Pup Eats $23,000 Worth Of Wedding Rings

    Diamond's aren't this dog's best friend.

    It turns out Sierra the dog has a taste for the finer things in life — literally.

    The lab puppy had to have emergency surgery after she gobbled up her owner's engagement ring and wedding band, which together cost $23,000.

    Fox 23 / Via

    Her owner, Stephanie Lamb, told Fox 23 that she realized her rings were missing after leaving them on a table. She said she knew immediately who the culprit was.

    "I knew it was Sierra because she is a little bit of a troublemaker," Lamb told Fox 23.

    Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital / Via Facebook: southernhillsvet

    The Lambs rushed Sierra to the vet, where she underwent emergency surgery to remove the rings from her stomach.

    And as it turns out, Sierra is an equal opportunity eater. The vet also found rocks, sticks, and bones the pooch had swallowed, Fox 23 reported.

    Southern Hills Veterinary Hospital / Via Facebook: southernhillsvet

    The surgery was a success and the Lambs were able to return home with the rings and a healthy pup.

    Lamb’s son Brody told Fox 23 he was particularly glad the rings had been found.

    "(I thought) that meant my mom and dad weren't married anymore," he said.

    Hopefully Sierra will stick to kibble from now on.

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