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A Teen Made A Graduation Dress Out Of Her Homework To Help Girls Get An Education

Erinne Paisley donated the money she spent on a store-bought dress to the Malala Foundation.

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Erinne Paisley, of Victoria, B.C., told BuzzFeed News that she has always been interested in activism, and co-founded an activist organization at her school. This year, they focused on women's rights.

Erinne Paisley

Paisley sold the dress she had already bought for the occasion, and donated the money to the Malala Fund.

The fund, started by teen Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai, fights to ensure all girls worldwide have access to a secondary education.

The dress read, "I've received my education. Not every woman has that right."

Through her activist work, Paisley got interested in the issue of girls' education. She had the idea to use her graduation to spread awareness that not every girl has the chance to earn an education the way she did.

Erinne Paisley.

"I kept thinking about the fact that over 62 million girls around the world don’t have access to secondary education," she explained.


The dress took Paisley and a friend about seven hours of "trial and error" to complete, and she made a few rough versions before the final product. Paisley said she used her pre-calculus notes, and finished it with satin straps and a velvet waistband.

The teen, who is headed to the University of Toronto to study international relations, said the response to her project has been overwhelming, but she's thrilled the Malala Fund and its mission is being discussed

Erinne Paisley

"Every ounce of attention that this story can get is wonderful," she said.