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    A Muslim Girl Who Wears A Hijab Was Voted "Best Dressed" By Her Senior Class

    Abrar Shahin says she wants to spread the message that modesty is stylish.

    Abrar Shahin is an 18-year-old from New Jersey who wears a hijab as part of her religious beliefs. She's also quite fashionable.

    Abrar Shahin

    The teen told BuzzFeed News that she has been interested in fashion as long as she can remember.

    Abrar Shahin

    "Since I first learned how to use the internet I would spend all my mornings and afternoons playing dress-up games," she said. "I would even create outfits for my Barbie dolls with socks!"

    She said she wouldn't say she has a specific style, but likes to keep up with trends and put her own "modest twist" on them.

    Abrar Shahin

    Shahin's personal style was noted by her senior class at Clifton High School, and they decided to award her "Best Dressed" in the yearbook this year.

    Abrar Shahin

    Shahin said she was shocked and flattered to win the award.

    "Coming from a class of 800 people it was such an honor winning the award as a young Muslim women," she said.

    One of her teachers, Lindsey Cinque, told The Record that Shahin won the award because her sense of style stood out in the huge senior class. "She was always dressed up, and she definitely took a sense of pride in her fashion," she said.

    Abrar Shahin

    Now, Shahin is hoping to be an inspiration to other Muslim women who wear a hijab.

    She is headed to Rutgers to study physical therapy, but is hoping to someday create her own line of hijabs.

    "I just want to let every girl out there know that they shouldn't be afraid to express themselves through their style," she said. "Nothing is more beautiful than a girl that stands up for what she believes in."