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Fans Went Nuts Because “The Bachelor” Kept Getting Ruined By The Caucuses

There's a way more important competition happening, people.

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But also on Monday another REALLY IMPORTANT contest was also happening!!!

Instagram: @bachelorabc

We are talking about The Bachelor of course!

Instagram: @bachelorabc

And just as Iowa residents lined up to caucus, thousands of Bachelor fans snuggled in for approximately 1.5 hours of romantic reality TV bliss.

Instagram: @hiccupsthedog

But suddenly, something horrible happened.

Wait - I thought #TheBachelor was on tonight, but instead they're doing caucus night chit chat...


Women who were trying to watch the show were instead forced to watch updates on the caucus.


Umm...we didn't ask for this!

Umm...I don't want to watch an update on the caucus. I want to see #TheBachelor!!

Who cares about Iowa?

I don't give a #caucus!!! Where's #TheBachelor!!??

This poor girl will never know.

WHAT??! I wanna hear about Olivia's bad breath! Don't make me wait caucus. #BachelorNation #TheBachelor

Needless to say, fans were pissed.

Way to piss off all of #thebachelor fans with the caucus update!!!


And women were just furious.

When The Bachelor gets interrupted by the caucus aaaand then it's "to be continued"?!? #TheBachelor

Contestant Olivia has a few choice words for you politicians.

the people have spoken!! We want #thebachelor!! No more caucus!!! @BachelorOlivia

This sucks.

@BachelorABC except it's not on.... #Iowa @Stephy_Cox @kayladee04

Though, some people were a little more zen about the whole thing.

I guess the caucus results interrupting my #BachelorLive watching is God's way of telling me go to bed. #TheBachelor

And some people who didn't have to deal with the Iowa nonsense took a second to brag.

When I get an uninterrupted feed and everyone else gets Caucus updates #TheBachelor #SorryNotSorry

For what it's worth, Iowa farmer Chris Soules, the most recent Bachelor, said on Instagram he wants everyone in his home state to participate.

Instagram: @souleschris

Don't worry ladies, there's always Hulu.

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