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A Man Proposed To His Boyfriend In Front Of His Church And Got A Standing Ovation

This congregation knows the meaning of love is love.

Trevor Harper and Davis Covin of Texas have been dating since 2006.

They also have been proud and active members of the First United Methodist Church of Austin for about two years.

The church is open to members of any sexual orientation. Harper said the support they have received has been a huge blessing to their relationship, especially as a gay couple in Texas.

So when Harper decided he wanted to propose, he knew he wanted to do it in front of their church family.

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He explained on YouTube that he and his boyfriend had been invited to share their faith story in front of their congregation. So, on Sunday that's what they were doing...

When suddenly, Harper dragged Covin out in front of the congregation...

And got down on one knee.


Their church immediately got to their feet and gave them a standing ovation.

Harper said that he began planning the proposal a few months ago with the help of his pastor, Rev. John Wright.

Now, Harper is sharing his proposal and story with the hopes that other people may realize that not all churches or religions will shun you because of who you love.

The couple is also hoping that by the time they plan to get married in 2016, they will be allowed to marry in their church. "We would love to walk down that aisle,” Harper said.

H/T: Cosmopolitan