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This Pet Fish Was Being Bullied In His Tank So A Vet Made Him A Fake Eye

"If I could give him quality of life, why not?"

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His vet, Megan Baebler of Kersting Veterinary Hospital, had to eventually remove the eye, the station reported, so Kiwi had an open eye flap.


“They figured out which eye was not working,” she said. “They’d go up behind him, biting his tail. He had chunks of his tail taken out.”

“I actually hand-painted the eye myself,” she told Fox 2. “I used a mixture of some nail polish and some eye shadow pigments, actually, to give it some iridescence.”


The surgery took about 30 minutes, according to Fox 2, during which the vet put Kiwi under anesthesia.

Morgan told Fox 2 that while people may think it is silly to spend so much effort helping a fish, she believes Kiwi deserved to live his life in comfort.

“A lot of other people would say, ‘Yes, put him down. Go ahead, it’s just a fish,'" she said. "Well, my opinion is nothing is just a something. And if I could give him quality of life, why not?”

BuzzFeed News has contacted the vet's office for more on Kiwi's story.

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