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    A Little Boy Started Sobbing After A Reporter Asked Him If He Would Miss His Mom At School

    Milestones can be emotional.

    A Los Angeles news reporter brought a little boy to tears on Tuesday when she asked him if he would miss his mom on his first day of school.

    KTLA's Courtney Friel was interviewing kids and parents on the first day of school on Tuesday when she came across Andrew Macias, who was entering pre-kindergarten.

    Andrew told Friel he was excited to start school, and seemed pretty stoked about it.

    But then, Friel asked him if he would miss his mom at school. At first, Andrew said he wouldn't miss her.

    But then...


    It's all too much!

    Friel wrote on Instagram that Andrew "broke her heart," especially because she is anxious about sending her own kids to school.

    Watch the whole interview below:

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