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These Radio Hosts Just Pulled The Most Epic Prank On Their Co-Workers

The most awkward radio show in history.

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A morning radio show in New Zealand pulled a pretty hilarious prank on their coworkers by making them do a whole show on the fly and then sabotaging it.

The station on Wednesday verified to BuzzFeed News that the prank was 100% real.

Three hosts from the station ZM had their boss call their coworkers, Jase and P.J., at the crack of dawn to tell them the whole crew was sick, and that they needed the duo to come cover for them.

Jase and P.J. agreed, but were freaking out because they had nothing prepared.

The funny part is that the duo had no clue they weren't actually broadcasting anything – only their "sick" coworkers were really listening.

The real morning show continued to broadcast from another studio, and used its listeners to take the prank a step further.

The hosts deliberately sabotaged all of the bits Jase and P.J. tried to do, like asking how much people make, by telling callers to call in and mess with them on purpose.

Finally the morning show let them know they'd been had.

It's ok, P.J. forgave them.

Jase had other ideas.

Watch the whole prank here.

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