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A Teen Couple Say Holding Hands Saved Them From A Lightning Strike

Young love can be electric.

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Lexie Varga and Dylan Corliss were walking in Claremont, California, to get a bite to eat on Thursday when they were thrown to the ground, KCAL reported.

The teenagers told KCAL that the strike came out of nowhere.

"It was more of just kind of shove, you know, and it felt kind of like I was getting hit over the head with metal or something," Corliss told the station.

Varga said she had no idea what had happened to them.

"It was definitely weird. I kind of thought there was an earthquake," she said.

A witness told the teens they had been struck by lightning.

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The teens only suffered minor injuries. Dr. Stefan Reynoso, who treated the pair, told KCAL he believes the couple's lives were saved because they were holding hands when they were struck.

“These two were lucky that they were holding hands. It helped to diffuse the electrical current that ran through their bodies,” he said.

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