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    Middle School Basketball Team Has Saddest Loss Ever After Buzzer Beater Gets Stuck On Rim

    Poor kid.

    We all dream of making the game-winning shot but for this kid his dreams died in the worst way ever.


    That's him on the ground.

    On Tuesday night in St. Marys, Kansas, the Rock Creek Mustangs were trailing the Riley County Falcons 26-25 in the final seconds of a semi-final game in a tournament for their eighth-grade league.

    Suddenly, one player saw his chance for glory. He shoots...

    And it stays there.

    The ball didn't budge, and the Falcons went on to win the game.

    Aw, it's ok.

    At least the cheerleaders don't seem too bothered.

    Watch the heartbreaking moment here.

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