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Here's A Possible Timeline Of The Alleged Love Affair Between Aubrey O'Day And Donald Trump Jr. Based On Her Social Media

Lucky for us, O'Day posted on social media a lot, and we have the receipts.

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Everyone was pretty shook this week when rumors began flying that Donald Trump Jr., the president's son and a married father of five, had an affair a few years ago with Aubrey O'Day, the former Danity Kane singer and Celebrity Apprentice star.

The rumors began to swirl after Trump's wife, Vanessa, filed for divorce last week.

Lucky for those interested, O'Day posts on Twitter and Instagram a lot β€” and she hasn't been shy with hints about the relationship either. In 2013, she released a breakup track called "DJT," which she told fans was about her ex.


Since I'm a journalist*, I did a deep dive through O'Day's ~showstoppin'~ social media accounts to see what evidence I could find of this alleged ~damaged~ relationship. Here, in order, is everything I found from that time.

@AubreyODay / Instagram / Via

*Yes, I DO get paid for this!!!!

According to Us Weekly, O'Day and Trump began their affair in the end of 2011 after meeting on the set of Season 5 of The Celebrity Apprentice. In November 2011, O'Day hinted she was happy and in luuuvv.


She did say that he was nerdy, however.


And she posted a lot of sad instas.

There were A LOT of vague-grams.


Don't worry though; she recovered. O'Day has since dated DJ Pauly D from Jersey Shore.

@AubreyODay / Instagram / Via Instagram: @aubreyoday

And proudly and vocally supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

@aubreyoday / Instagram / Via Instagram: @aubreyoday

On Tuesday, O'Day posted an Instagram picture amid all the rumors, which some saw as a diss to the first family. "I’m only interested in the things money can’t buy," she wrote.

@aubreyoday / Instagram

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