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    A Bat Wreaked Havoc On An Irish Family And Their Reaction Has People Dying Laughing

    "He's making a mockery of ya!"

    Tadhg Fleming is a filmmaker from Ireland. On Tuesday, he posted a video on Facebook that you need to watch ASAP.

    Fleming was enjoying an evening with his family when a bat flew into their house. His dad, Derry, tried to catch it...and OMG just watch.

    Facebook / Via Facebook: video.php

    "My mam was doing the ironing and she had all the clothes on the table," Fleming told the BBC. "She went outside the back and the minute she opened the back door, the bat flew in."

    Fleming's dad grabbed a towel and tried to catch the bat. The ensuing commentary is pure gold.

    "He actually grabbed one of the towels my mam was ironing and then he went for a bigger towel. It was just pure chaos," Fleming told the BBC.

    After getting more than 1.3 million views on Facebook, the video soon migrated to Twitter, where it has been retweeted over 100,000 times. "The world is going to hell. You owe it to yourself to watch this video of Irish people attempting to get a bat out of their kitchen," Jonathan Hopkins, who posted the video, wrote.

    People were obsessed, calling it "comedy gold."

    "Catch him Derry!" An Irish family floundering with a rogue bat in their kitchen is pure unadulterated comedy gold.

    @JamesMelville / Twitter / Via Twitter: @JamesMelville

    And "Catch him Derry" was declared the phrase of 2017.

    "Catch him Derry!!!" 2017 best phrase!!!

    @Gussukichi / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Gussukichi

    "I nearly made myself sick laughing at that. You're a funny man, thanks for sharing," singer Hozier wrote.

    @TadhgFleming I nearly made myself sick laughing at that. You're a funny man, thanks for sharing.

    @Hozier / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Hozier

    They shared their favorite parts, like Fleming's mom cowering behind the door.

    .@jonnohopkins Literally cried laughing at the mother watching through the door.

    @LiamWBZ / Twitter / Via Twitter: @LiamWBZ

    They demanded T-shirts.

    Someone make me a t-shirt that says "catch him deddy"

    @alexbienband / Twitter / Via Twitter: @alexbienband

    Memes were created.

    @aecushing / Twitter / Via Twitter: @aecushing

    (Some people thought Fleming was saying "deddy" or "daddy" rather than his dad's name, but he confirmed he was saying "Derry.")

    Brands even got involved.

    Never underestimate the power of a towel, or Derry πŸ˜‚ Stock up now - #BatDad #CatchHimDerry

    @TescoIrl / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TescoIrl

    Fleming told the BBC that the international attention for his video has been completely insane.

    Thanks so much to @RadioRayRTE and crew for having my Dad and myself on air to talk about the #BATDAD video πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸ»β€¦

    @TadhgFleming / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TadhgFleming

    "It's just crazy to think that it's gone so widespread, so global almost. I have a line here of radio stations asking to talk to me," he said.

    BuzzFeed News joined the line and has contacted Fleming for comment.