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The Catalina Wine Mixer From "Step Brothers" Is Actually Happening

Grab your boats and hos.

We all know the fucking Catalina wine mixer is the greatest party on Earth, according to Step Brothers.

But the party was unfortunately fictional...until now. A beach club on Catalina Island is finally giving the people what they want and hosting a Catalina wine mixer IRL.

And it's legit, too. The Sept. 13 party will be complete with "fun, live bands, DJs, gourmet food and fine wine," says the event's website.

The party will be re-created perfectly from the movie, down to the helicopter landing on the lawn, TMZ reported.

It will also feature The Dan Band, a comic singing act who has been featured in The Hangover and Old School.

The event is $35 for adults, and you even get a complimentary wineglass to commemorate the occasion.

California wine aficionados are already looking forward to it.

But if you can't make it out, just console yourself by watching this great clip from the original fucking Catalina wine mixer.

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