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This Family Wants Help To Throw Their 9-Year-Old A Giant Water Balloon Fight Birthday Party

They've turned to Facebook to try and find people to celebrate their son's 10th birthday.

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Camden's family wants to fulfill his dream, but it's a little complicated. Camden has a speech disorder called Apraxia, and "he has a really hard time making friends," his family wrote on Facebook.

The boy is homeschooled because he is also hyperactive, has trouble pronouncing words, and can be impulsive, but they said he is an "awesome kid and very smart."

"He is a math whiz, loves history and when he grows up wants to be a country music singer just like Luke Bryan — he knows all of his songs already," the family wrote.

The Eubank family said that Camden used to hang out with an older boy in the neighborhood, but that boy no longer wants to play with a "little kid that can't talk right." So, now they aren't sure who to invite to his party.

Facebook: ultimatewaterballoonfight

"We are having his ultimate water balloon fight party, but there isn't really lots of kids to invite like he wants, pretty much all that will be there is his sister and her best friend and a few cousins," they said.

So, they are turning to Facebook for help by creating an "open invitation" for the party on July 6.

Facebook: ultimatewaterballoonfight

"To fulfill his 10th birthday wish of having a huge water balloon fight, I am extending an open invitation to anyone with kids that wants to come throw some water balloons with one awesome little boy," the event page says.

The page has gathered over 1,000 likes, with people from all over the world wishing Camden a happy birthday.

Facebook: ultimatewaterballoonfight

"The emails & stories people have sent are truly touching and I know we're not alone and Camden WILL have the birthday party of his dreams," Camden's mom, Traci, wrote on a GoFundMe page for his party.

The family said they were amazed by all the support.

Facebook: ultimatewaterballoonfight

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the Eubank family for comment.

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