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    This Mom Just Shut It Down With Her Hilarious "First Day Of School" Picture


    For thousands of kids across the U.S., summer is over and it's time to go back to school.

    And since we live according to a new world order dominated by Pinterest, for thousands of parents this was the week to create the perfect "back-to-school picture."

    You've seen the pictures. Every kid has a sign.

    So on ~trend~.

    But one Virginia mom decided to go a different route with her school picture, and it is totally hilarious.

    Jessi Kittrell, a professional photographer and mom of four, made her daughter a sign but also made herself one that says, "Bye Felicia." She also posed with some treats any mom would love: a coffee and a margarita.

    Her daughter Bailey doesn't seem to share her mom's excitement, though.

    Kittrell told BuzzFeed News that she decided to do a funny photo to cheer herself up over her sadness that her youngest child was headed to kindergarten.

    “I was starting to get emotional that she was going to go to school," she said.

    She said she turned to humor because "laughter is the best medicine."

    But contrary to her expression, Kittrell said Bailey couldn't wait to go to kindergarten. "She was really, really excited to go to school," she said.

    After posting the photo to her business Facebook page, Kittrell decided to share it with a local news reporter named Blaine Stewart. Stewart shared it on his Facebook page, where it started to blow up, getting over 100,000 likes.

    Kittrell said the attention on her photo has totally blown her and her husband away.

    "It is surreal; it is crazy," she said.

    Kittrell isn't the first mom to show off her school excitement in a funny way. A mom named Tiffany Reese posted a similar photo last month.