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This Bridal Party Shares A Special Bond In A Stunning Photo

Friends who nurse together, stay together.

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The mom to 1-year-old Easton told BuzzFeed News that when she shared the photo online, she never expected this sort of reaction.

Lindsay Palmer Photography / Via

"We initially just wanted to share the picture with some other moms, who we thought might appreciate the moment we were sharing, but it has turned into something even bigger," she said.

Still, she said she is excited the photo is getting so much positive attention.

Lindsay Palmer Photography / Via

"I think our society needs to see more imagery of women nursing their children," she said. "It's not an act that needs to be hidden or denied, it should be common place and celebrated, I hope that our photo can help pave that road."

Riddell said she'll cherish the special moment with her bridesmaids.

Lindsay Palmer Photography / Via

"It's something I am exceptionally proud of and having the chance to share such a special time with my best friends together, on my wedding day was really special," she said.