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A Man Sent His Girlfriend Bags Of Flour After She Hinted She Would Like Him To Send Her Flowers

What a romantic.

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Recently, a British woman named Paige-Ellen Williams hinted to her boyfriend, Richard Selway, that it would be nice to get some flowers delivered to their house.

Facebook: paigeellen.williams

"I was teasing him a few weeks ago, telling him I deserved to have flowers delivered to the house after a pretty challenging day. I completely forgot I’d said anything to him about it," she told WalesOnline.

Selway decided to be funny and send Williams 12 bags of flour. Get it?

Williams wrote on Facebook that she was totally confused when a deliveryman from Tesco tried to deliver the multiple bags of flour to their house.

"We never shop in Tesco and why the hell did I need 12 bags of flour?" she wrote. "He came back insisting the delivery was for me as he'd spoke to my boyfriend."


Williams decided to post the prank on Tesco's Facebook page, where it got more than 60,000 likes. The retailer responded, and said the prank was "fantastic."

"Your boyfriend has really proven how much he's listening to you and your desire to have flours delivered," Tesco said in part.