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Beauty Queen Rips Tiara Off Winner's Head, Says She's Not Sorry

This video is actually terrifying.

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A Brazilian beauty queen says she isn’t sorry after she ripped the tiara off a contestant who beat her in the Miss Amazon pageant.

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Sheislane Hayalla had a total meltdown after she got second place in the contest last week. Carolina Toledo was crowned the winner.


Hayalla later said on Facebook that she was actually the hero of the day.

"Good night! I would like to clarify to all that MY PROTEST came from me, I don't need to go through others' heads, I'm woman enough to take what comes and face it head on. Those who follow my trajectory know that I am MISS AMAZONAS GLOBO 2013/MISS BRASIL GLOBO 2013 and SECOND MISS GLOBO INTERNATIONAL, YES SECOND. I fought hard for all these conquers that I have in my life and I don't accept injustice and I would never let something go unpunished, yes I expressed my rejection and the attitudes were seen during the preparation of MISS AMAZONAS 2015, I don't regret having protested, in most big contest these "problems" happen and go unpunished, I believe I have started a change from inside this great competition. I want something CLEAN and HONEST! I am Sheislane Hayalla and my attitude won't diminish me or make me less miss, I am human, there is blood in my veins and I'M NOT A HYPOCRITE. I thank all of those who sent positive messages and to those who sent negative thanks too. #weareallSheislaneHayalla"

So beauty queens of Brazil, watch your back.

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