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A Bald Eagle Attacked Donald Trump During A Photo Shoot

This really happened.

In the midst of the outrage over Donald Trump's controversial plan to keep Muslims out of the U.S., Time has released a video of a bald eagle attacking him.

The video is from a photo shoot in August for a cover story in the magazine, Time said.

The shoot was the brainchild of Martin Schoeller, the photographer who took the photos.

The bald eagle is a 27-year-old bird named Uncle Sam.

But it turned out, the bald eagle wasn't a huge fan of Trump. He started out by attacking the presidential candidate's famous locks.

"How's my hair look?" Trump asks after his tussle with Uncle Sam. The eagle handler himself then attempts to fix it.

And Uncle Sam gets even more feisty when the shoot moves to a shot at a desk.


"This bird is seriously dangerous, but beautiful," Trump concludes.

"DGAF." —Uncle Sam, probably

Watch the whole video below.