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A Bald Eagle Attacked Donald Trump During A Photo Shoot

This really happened.

In the midst of the outrage over Donald Trump's controversial plan to keep Muslims out of the U.S., Time has released a video of a bald eagle attacking him.

Time / Via

The video is from a photo shoot in August for a cover story in the magazine, Time said.

The shoot was the brainchild of Martin Schoeller, the photographer who took the photos.

The bald eagle is a 27-year-old bird named Uncle Sam.

But it turned out, the bald eagle wasn't a huge fan of Trump. He started out by attacking the presidential candidate's famous locks.

Time / Via

"How's my hair look?" Trump asks after his tussle with Uncle Sam. The eagle handler himself then attempts to fix it.

Time / Via

And Uncle Sam gets even more feisty when the shoot moves to a shot at a desk.

Time / Via


"This bird is seriously dangerous, but beautiful," Trump concludes.

Time / Via

"DGAF." —Uncle Sam, probably

Time / Via

Watch the whole video below.