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    This Incredible Toddler Could Rock Climb Before She Could Walk

    Ellie is getting attention for a video of her scaling a 7-foot wall at 20 months old.

    Ellie Farmer is only 20 months old, but she already can rock climb better than some adults.

    The pint-size athlete is getting attention online this week after her parents, Rachael and Zak, posted a video of her climbing a 7-foot wall.

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    They have also made a Facebook page for her called "The Little Zen Monkey."

    Climbing is in Ellie's blood. Her parents told NBC News they both climb competitively, and Rachael Farmer climbed up until three days before her daughter was born.

    The couple built their daughter a climbing wall in her nursery, and she soon took to the sport.

    The Farmers wrote on Facebook that Ellie began climbing before she could walk, when she was only 8 months old. She began walking at 10 months.

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    The toddler's style is called "bouldering," and is defined as climbing low heights without a harness or another rope. The tallest walls Ellie climbs are 7 feet, and she always climbs with a thick pad below her.

    Rachael Farmer wrote on Facebook that while some people have said the sport looks dangerous for a baby, her daughter is always safe and has never been hurt climbing.

    "Falling usually ends up with a giggle fit and trying the climb again until she successfully finishes the route," she wrote.

    She added that climbing does come with risks, but no more than other activities kids do.

    Rachael emphasized that Ellie's passion for climbing is all hers. "We provide the safest environment we possibly can for our little monkey while continuing to support her love for climbing," she said.

    BuzzFeed News has contacted the Farmers for comment.