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Thousands Of People Want To Ban Baby Ear Piercing, Calling It "Child Cruelty"

Almost 30,000 people in the U.K. have signed a petition asking lawmakers to formally ban the practice.

A petition to ban ear piercing for children is blowing up in the United Kingdom, with almost 30,000 people signing it in a week.

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The campaign was started by a woman named Susan Ingram on the website 38 Degrees. Ingram says she believes ear piercing is a form of "child cruelty," and asks the U.K. minister for children and families, Edward Timpson, to take up the cause.

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"Severe pain and fear is inflicted upon infants unnecessarily," the petition states. "It serves no purpose other than to satisfy the parent's vanity. Other forms of physically harming children are illegal — this should be no different."

Ingram writes she wants Timpson to set a minimum age requirement for piercings. BuzzFeed News has contacted both Ingram and Timpson for comment.

Pretty soon, the campaign caught the attention of lawmakers. Mark Tami, a member of the U.K.'s Parliament, told The Guardian he planned to bring up the issue at the House of Commons.

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"The question is, what age is appropriate?" he said. "Certainly a baby or a child has no opportunity of consenting to having the procedure done."

Tami had previously brought up the piercing debate before Parliament in 2013, The Guardian reported. Tami did not return a request for comment from BuzzFeed News.

Some people who supported the petition wrote that they wanted to let their child make their own choices about their body.

And some went even further, comparing it to child abuse.

But to some people online, ear piercing for babies is not a big deal.

Why people bangin on about tryin to ban baby ear piercing. They barely feel it and if so its for seconds. More to worry bout in world. #grrr

Of course, the internet has argued about this issue before. People totally freaked out when Kim Kardashian pierced her daughter North West's ears last year, and when Gisele Bündchen did so the year before to her child.

Metro UK pointed out that this latest wave of outrage may be linked to a British TV show called Blinging Up Baby. In the show, a mother pierced the ears of her 4-month-old daughter...

Did you watch #Blingingupbaby last night? Should we put an age limit on ear piercing?

And people were really pissed.

Piercing a baby's ears should be outlawed. It's their body. Wait til they are old enough to decide for themselves. #blingingupbaby

Piercing your 4month old babies ears is not okay, cool or fashionable! The poor child's distress brought tears to my eyes #blingingupbaby

But is piercing a baby's ears really that dangerous?

  1. So, should there be a minimum age for ear piercing?

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So, should there be a minimum age for ear piercing?
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