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This Guy Had The Most Awkward Reaction Ever To His Wife’s Unexpected Pregnancy


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A Nashville woman named Kelsey Cocklin got a big surprise recently when she found out she was pregnant.

She decided to tell her husband, Jordan, the big news in a creative way. Since he is a craft beer lover, she decided to surprise him through beer bottles.

Jordan Cocklin

However, the big reveal didn't go exactly as planned. Her husband is first caught off guard, then gives a hilariously awkward reaction that probably wasn't what she was going for.

Don't worry though, Cocklin assured BuzzFeed News he is VERY excited about being a dad.

He said his awkward reaction was one of total shock, not disappointment.

"(It was) pure shock at first but as soon as she turned that off we were just ecstatic," he said.

Cocklin said his wife thought his initial reaction was "absolutely hysterical."

"Any new dad is going to have a original feeling of shock mine just happened to be caught on camera," he said.

Cocklin said he will probably even show his son or daughter the video once they are older.

Watch the whole video here.

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