This Angry Cat Was Rescued From A Shelter And Now Is Taking Over The Internet

    Pearl's owner, however, said the newly-adopted shelter cat is actually very friendly despite her grouchy expression.

    A newly-adopted shelter cat named Pearl is becoming a star after her owners posted pictures of her angry expression online.

    Pearl, a 6-year-old orange cat, was adopted by Will and his family on Tuesday, he told BuzzFeed News.

    Will explained that he, his three kids, and his girlfriend fell in love with the cat while looking at a website for their local shelter.

    The family headed out to the shelter the next day, but figured she would have already been scooped up.

    "Low and behold she was not," he said. "She was there, waiting, boiling with rage. We adopted her immediately."

    The family chose to adopt Pearl because of her unique look, and the fact that she was "6 years old and wasting away in a small cage."

    But despite her grouchy face, Will said Pearl is a very sweet cat.

    "She loves to be rubbed, even on her belly," he said. "She purrs loudly and has to be near one of us humans at all times."

    Will said Pearl also seems to be very inquisitive about her new home.

    "She was mesmerized by the fireplace," he said. "She stared at it for at least a half hour before falling asleep."

    Since Pearl is clearly destined for social media stardom, Will started her an Instagram complete with some funny commentary.

    He also posted Peal on Imgur, where she has found thousands of fans.

    "She looked angry and we figured a warm loving home would help," he wrote. "She is still the harbinger of death."

    She even has fan art!

    You can follow Pearl on Instagram @angrypearl.