Everyone On The Internet Is Freaking Out Over Amber Rose’s Response To Kanye

The most unproductive workday ever.

1. If you’ve been off the internet all day, you may have missed the whole Amber Rose/Wiz Khalifa/Kanye Twitter throwdown.

In case you missed it, Kanye dissed Wiz and called Rose a stripper and insulted her child.

She clapped back in a big way.

3. Needless to say, Twitter pretty much is on fire right now.

4. Everyone’s face looks like this.

5. No one is getting any work done.

6. Sorry, bosses of the world.

Imagine logging on to Twitter after not being on all day. IMAGINE trying to work out what on earth is going on here.

— Scott Bryan (@scottygb)

7. A lot of people are Team Rose.

Amber came through 4th quarter like

— P. Blackk (@PBlackk)

8. Sorry, Kanye.

Kanye after reading Amber's tweets

— Malik Ofori (@malikofori)

9. You don’t mess with a mom.

#Kanye after @DaRealAmberRose got involved

— UKGrime (@UKGrime)

10. “Yeezy came with Waves, Amber came with a tsunami,” one person wrote.

Yeezy came with Waves, Amber came with a tsunami

— SneakerNews.com (@SneakerNews)

11. A lot of people want Rose to post more.

Amber Rose probably got so much dirt on Kanye she walking around like

— Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry)

12. Of course, people wondered what Kim Kardashian had to say.

Kim: Did she lick it too? Kanye: Please Kim, good energy positive energy

— Dimitri (@dimitrisamuel)

13. Kim rn: .

Kim reading Amber's tweets

— The Gay Burn Book (@SouthernHomo)

14. And are saying she’s probably just hoping Ray J stays out of this one.

Kanye out here rippin on Amber while Kim sittin here prayin Ray J don't tweet "lol"

— austin (@Dpct)

15. In conclusion, Kanye’s words will be remembered for years to come.

Kanye deleting those tweets like they're not already being made into coffee mugs on etsy

— Mark Rodriguez (@MarkyATX)

16. Where can we get one?

*sips tea*

— BuzzFeed DIY (@BuzzFeedDIY)

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