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    This Adorable 2-Year-Old Girl Totally Slays Her Impression Of Adele's "Hello"

    She is all of us singing in the car.

    An adorable 2-year-old girl just showed us all up by delivering an incredibly passionate lip-sync of Adele's hit song "Hello."

    Bexlee and her mom, Tangee McMahon, were parked waiting to get the car washed when McMahon decided to jam out with her little girl and capture it on video.

    View this video on YouTube

    McMahon then posted the clip to YouTube.

    At first, Bexlee just dances and smiles.

    But then, she decides to show off her belting skills.


    You can feel the passion.

    McMahon told BuzzFeed News that she decided to film her daughter singing because she was "really getting into it that day."

    "Bexlee is always doing funny things like this with her brother, whether it's Adele or not," she said. "But this song is definitely her favorite."

    The Utah mom added that she can't believe how much attention Bexlee's video has received.

    "I was just recording my baby girl doing exactly what she does every day," she said. "It still feels very weird seeing her all over."

    Watch out, Adele: You may have some competition on your hands.