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This Guy Is Giving His Sister A '90s Treasure Trove To Thank Her For Helping Raise Him

"My older sister took care of me as a kid while our dad worked, so for Christmas I want to give her something special," he wrote on Reddit.

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The 27-year-old, who asked BuzzFeed News to just refer to him as Steve as to not spoil the surprise, said he is very close to his older sister, who helped raise him.

"Our dad worked a lot, so as my older sibling, she took it upon herself to look after me, guide me, etc.," he said. "And I think we're best friends too because of it."

His sister turned 30 this year, and Steve said he thought about how he could give her something for Christmas that was more exciting than a typical "adult" gift.

"And that got me thinking of our Christmas mornings, when we were so happy to run downstairs and tear open presents of toys, games, electronics, etc.," he said. "So why not try to recreate that feeling with those very same items?"


The gift is pretty complete, Steve said, though he has gotten some last-minute ideas from Reddit.

He said he hopes the gift "brings a flood of good memories" to his sister.

"We still have a ton of more good memories to make with each other, but childhood is just a really special time, so hopefully we'll reminisce over some eggnog," he said.


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