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A Professor Is Under Fire For Her Tweets About White College Men

Saida Grundy, an incoming assistant professor at Boston University, also tweeted on a number of other controversial topics.

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Saida Grundy is an incoming assistant professor of sociology and African-American studies at Boston University who identifies as a "feminist sociologist of race and ethnicity," according to her bio on the school's website.

Her tweets started to go viral after they were noticed by the website

Grundy has since made her account private, but some of her tweets were captured and tweeted by other users and conservative news sites.

In one tweet, Grundy said she believes "white america" is failing to see the problem with its young college-aged males.

The face of racism in America - @saigrundy of Boston University "Lord Commander" #SaidaGrundy


Some Twitter users were incensed, and accused Grundy of being racist.

Hmnn, seems to me that #SaidaGrundy is a racist human being. Period.

Saida Grundy sounds like an idiot...and Boston U is gonna let her "teach"

Saida Grundy, is a Professor at Boston University and is spreading hatred and racism towards whites. Remove her immediately. @BU_Tweets


Still others came to her defense.

guilt got people talking crazy. How is Dr.Saida Grundy racist for stating the truth with facts behind it, I'm not following

I cannot wait to take my course taught by #SaidaGrundy so that I can further my understanding of the real problems Americans face today

I hope #SaidaGrundy is doing well. She's prob dealing with a lot of white supremacists. White folks don't like hearing the truth Prof Grundy

Boston University said in a statement to BuzzFeed News it does not condone Grundy's comments.

"While individuals have the right to hold and express personal opinions, BU does not condone racism or bigotry in any form," a school spokesperson said. "We're offended by such statements."

BuzzFeed News' request to the university to interview Grundy was not returned.

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