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This Dad Got His End-Of-Life Wish To Experience His Daughters' Life Events He'll Miss

With the help of a local nonprofit, Charlie Kwentus was able to treat his girls to a night they will never forget.

This is Charlie Kwentus, a 42-year-old father of two from Missouri.

Kwentus has been battling a brain tumor since he was 26 years old. About two years ago, he decided to stop treatment in order to "look for a better life."

Annie's Hope

Kwentus and his wife, Courtney Beers, began working with a local organization called Annie's Hope, which helps children deal with grief.

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Becky Byrne of Annie's Hope told BuzzFeed News the couple wanted to help their young daughters, 13-year-old Zoe and 9-year-old Maren, deal with their dad's illness.

Recently, one of the girls told her dad that she realized he "won't be at my wedding," and they won't get to do a father-daughter dance.

After she was told about the comment, Byrne said she and other representatives from Annie's Hope came together and decided to give the girls a special memory.

They soon found a bunch of local businesses to pitch in to help the girls have a night they'll never forget.

Byrne said the event had a wedding reception "type of feel," but "it was a medley of a few different life events."

First the girls got pampered by getting their hair done...

KSDK / Via

And their nails done.

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Then, Zoe and Maren got all dressed up in brand-new, fancy dresses and took a ride in a limo.

KSDK / Via

They took professional photos with their dad, who looked dapper in a tux.

Annie's Hope / Via Facebook: annieshopestl

From there they were whisked away to a local country club, where they had a fancy dinner and two special father-daughter dances.

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Kwentus also got to share with his girls a toast for their future wedding. "If you do get married, I'd like you to choose someone that makes you feel special," he said.

KSDK / Via

Byrne said that the girls were over the moon about their special night. "The excitement was just immeasurable," she said.

KSDK / Via Facebook: ksdktv

Kwentus said the night was more than he could have "ever imagined," Byrnes said. She added that the family strives to live each day as if "every moment was a gift."

Watch KSDK's report on the special night below.

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