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This Girl Has Taken A Photo In Her Mom's Wedding Dress Every Year And It's Adorable

“It's becoming less my dress and more her growing into a young lady."

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Yearous told BuzzFeed News that when she was pregnant with her son, she was reading a magazine and stumbled upon an article about best and worst mom advice.

One of the "best" pieces of advice, she said, was to take a picture with your baby in their father's jeans every year to watch them grow.


Yearous said the dress worked perfectly because it would never change.

"I wanted something that was going to look exactly the same every year," she said.


Yearous said the only picture they didn't do was the day Allison was born, because she couldn't take the dress to the hospital.

Yearous said seeing the pictures helps her notice the subtle changes in her kids from year to year, ones she may not see otherwise.

One moment that really hit her was when the straps finally fit on Allison's shoulders instead of falling down.

"That year just made me go, 'Oh…you're really growing up,'" Yearous said.

In the case of her daughter, Yearous said looking at the pictures show Allison's transformation from a cute girl to a lovely young woman.

"She's grown up enough I start to see her in a wedding dress," she said, adding, "It's becoming less my dress and more her growing into a young lady."

She added that she hopes to share the photos of both her children with their future spouses so that they can continue the tradition with their own families.

"It's a way to celebrate my marriage and show her what she has to look forward to," Yearous said.

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