People Are Really Mad At This Crossfit Star For Posting A Workout Picture At A Holocaust Memorial

    Dave Driskell tagged the photo as #wanderlustwod, meaning workout of the day. He has since deleted the photo and apologized, saying he was unaware the structure was a memorial

    A popular CrossFit competitor and coach has apologized after he angered some of his thousands of Instagram fans by posting a photo of himself working out inside a Holocaust memorial.

    Dave Driskell told BuzzFeed News that he feels awful about posting the picture, and swears he had no idea it was a memorial. “I feel completely terrible as I would never purposely offend or disrespect this memorial had I known,” he said.

    Driskell posted the photo of himself doing a handstand at Berlin's Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe on Monday.

    His picture drew immediate criticism from many of his followers, with some slamming him as insensitive.

    Though some fans defended him, saying it's possible he just didn't know what the memorial was.

    While others said they didn't care even if he did know what the memorial was.

    The 36-year-old is a self-described "inspirer/CrossFit coach" who lives in Bali and travels the world promoting the sport.

    He is ranked #102 for CrossFit in Asia.

    His world travels and workouts have garnered him nearly 70,000 fans on Instagram.

    David Driskell is ranked #102 in Asia in Crossfit. A previous version of this article stated he was ranked #102 worldwide.