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Stephanie Mack: A History

This is only a Harry Potter pun if you'd like it to be.

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BuzzFeed is the dream, y'all. / Via

After 2 cups of coffee and a mildly satisfying breakfast burrito, I decided to use BuzzFeed itself to explain why I would be a great fit for the company that changed the way people share information!

"Work hard, play hard."

Via Instagram: @stephaniemmack

I may be last to leave the office, but I'll always be first to help plan this month's themed happy hour.

Alternate Endings:

... I'll always be first to bring the extra 'unused meeting pizza' upstairs for everyone to enjoy.

... I'll always be first to help make necessary matching sweatbands for the company dodgeball team.

... I'll always be first to send laser-targeted GIF responses to your 'TGIF' email.

Speaking of Arrested Development, here's video evidence that God does indeed exist:

Last New Year's Eve, 3 people from high school stopped me at a bar to yell, 'You have the best cover photos!'

Arielle Calderon / Via

Though 2014 had barely begun, I (sadly) knew those comments had already made my year. (Giving all the props to Arielle Calderon for this gem, though.)

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