Here’s Proof That Old Nickelodeon Ads Were WAY Creepier Than You Remember

“Who loves orange soda?” YOUR NIGHTMARES.

1. “Is Your Home a Nickelodeon Home?”

DUH, of course it was.

Whether TV time was spent enjoying your Nacho Lunchables after school or inhaling some Cookie Crisp on Saturday mornings, watching Nickelodeon always meant one thing:


Nickelodeon / Via

3. Some of the Nickelodeon ads weren’t too odd.


Go home ants, you’re actually drunk.

6. Let’s move on to some weirder ones that we remember for being totally awesome:




9. Then, there are the “These Make Me Vaguely Uncomfortable” ads:

Hmm. I don’t think I liked that very much.

Look, kids! Murder just happened!

So that’s what a surprised dinosaur would sound like! Thanks, Nickelodeon!

Have a safe flight, Terrifying Faceless Chair Creature!

Sure, why not.

14. So those ads were a little off. But it comes with the territory, right? Nickelodeon was a weird channel back then.

Nickelodeon / Via

15. But allow me to remind you, ladies and gentlemen, of all the barbershop quartet ads they ran.

Major shout out to Nickelodeon for filling the majority of our childhoods with nonsense scat lyrics and four-part harmonies.

They’ll be fine!

Even during Jurassic times, nothing says smart and stylish quite like business casual.

Did that flying jelly bean just have an on-screen wardrobe change?

I am so confused right now.

20. There there were the “Baby’s First Computer Animation” ads, which were undoubtably cutting edge at the time.

Keep trying! Jimmy Neutron can’t be too far down the road!

22. Finally, there are these guys, affectionately known as “10 Second Nightmare Factories.”



24. I think we all need a cold shower after that one.

Nickelodeon / Via

Close enough.

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