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Memorial Photo Shoot: Fiancé Passed Away A Month Before Wedding Day

Tristin Woods, Laurens fiancé unexpectedly passed away in a car accident one month before their wedding day. To honor him she decided to do a memorial photo shoot with Stephanie Jarstad Photography in her wedding dress. The session, which took place this past spring, represents healing, blooming, and renewal of the soul.

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“He would call me and if I didn’t answer, he'd forget to hang up and would leave these little voicemails of his pocket noise. I have like twenty of them, but I love it now, because it’s HIS pocket noise.”

I didn’t just lose Tristin, I lost the life we’ll never live together, I lost all of the children we’ll never have and all of the grandchildren we’ll never get to spoil, I lost my other half.”

Memorial Video: Tristin's song, how we met, the "wedding day," what I would tell him.

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