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Ways To Get Over A Breakup

Let's be honest, breakup's are pretty shitty especially if you live with that person. Though while you're crying and wondering what the hell went wrong, here are some ways to get over that douche bag and start being yourself again.

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1. Block that person.....yes even from your phone

With heartbreak comes temptation and while it's absolutely normal to wonder how they're doing or whether or not they want to work things out, chances are they probably don't. So whether you have them on facebook or Instagram etc it's only best to block/unfriend them from all forms of communication. Trust me, not only will you not see their ugly faces again but it'll most definitely save you the heartache of seeing your ex with a new fling (trust me we don't want that do we?)

2. Don't post your breakup on social media / Via

This is a huge no! There is nothing worse than going back on your timeline a year from now seeing post of how much you miss your ex and such. It will come back to haunt you and the last thing you need is unwanted people seeing how stressed you are! No! step away!!!

3. Create a Playlist / Via

As cheesy as it sounds, there is nothing wrong with dancing or singing (or at least trying) your sorrows away. In fact, It is reported that music helps decrease stress and anxiety while strengthening the immune system all at the same time. (Link is here if you don't believe me) So go ahead, rock out like the superstar you are.

4. Cry

Whoever said crying showed weakness seriously didn't know what they're talking about. In fact, Crying has been proven to release stress, improve vision, kill bacteria and improve communication (link for that here).

5. Create a Breakup Box / Via

The best gifts are usually the ones we give to ourselves. Use sites like pinterest to help you gain inspiration on creating the perfect pick me up box. Not only will it take your mind off of things but it will most likely give you a much needed smile. If you're too lazy (like myself here) or too heartbroken you can order one from these great sites below.

Break Up Box

The Break Up Box

Packed Party Break Up Box

The Break Up Shop Gift Box

Happy Box Store

6. Develop a list of Goals / Via

Aside from crying and listening to Adele, create a list of goals you want to complete now that you're single. This will not only help get your priorities in check but will also establish a lot of motivation to do something.

7. Buy a Journal

Sure having a journal seems like something only a teenager would do, but trust me it'll help. According to The Huffington Post , keeping a journal not only allows you to write down your deepest, darkest secrets but can also help increase your IQ, emotional intelligence and self discipline.

9. Exercise

Brand X Pictures / Getty Images / Via

Exercise a word that is cursed by many but actually is very beneficial. Not only will you be motivated to make your ex regret leaving but it will help develop confidence and get rid of any aggression you may still have. Though if you're not too keen on starting a new Gym Membership, sites like Blogilates and SugarySixPack offer free and pretty intense workouts.

10. Reach out to loved ones / Via

While it's perfectly normal to want to spend time alone healing, it does help if you reach out to loved ones and let them know what's going. Not only will it make you feel better but it will keep away from being depressed or destructive.

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